KangIn and Shindong scarred for life ~OMG~

October 4, 2008 at 8:10 am (Super Junior) (, , )

Super Junior’s Kangin and Shindong released pics to show off their new tattoos. Kangin inked himself on the top of his back right under his neck with “I’m Stupid” “Actions are more Precious Prection than words”, and Shindong covered his whole upper left arm with a creepy clown and “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, which is kind of good since it covers his fat.

Shindong probably got his badass looking tattoo to redeem his manhood that he lost during his Super Junior H days. As for Kangin….I don’t even have to try to bash on him. He already embarrassed himself for life by tattooing “prection” on himself, a word that doesn’t even exist. Beside creating wonderfull music to our ears, he should have make some time to study a little more English.

Super Junior KPOP Korean Music Super Junior KPOP Korean Music Super Junior KPOP Korean Music Super Junior KPOP Korean Music


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Super Junior’s Hee Chul is Terrified of Women

September 27, 2008 at 3:14 am (Super Junior) ()

Super Junior member Hee Chul revealed that when he holds a girl, he gets “extremely nervous and feels like his heart is going to burst.”

The Super Junior member revealed his fear of women while a love scene with Jung Sun Ah, from his musical debut in Xanadu was shown.

Hee Chul, you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I know how it must feel to constantly fight off the hordes of psychotic ELF. Shit, I’d be terrified of women too if I were you. But seriously open your eyes, those psychotic little midgets aren’t women. Matter of fact, the Circus just called and said they want their freak show army back. And if that still doesn’t put you at ease, just remember, you’re more woman than those little bastards.

Xanadu the musical, starring Super Junior members Kangin and Hee Chul will open later this month.

Super Junior Hee Chul and Kangin Xanadu

Super Junior Hee Chul and Kangin Xanadu

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The ELF Have a New Target to Eliminate…

August 22, 2008 at 4:11 pm (Super Junior)

All thanks to Super Junior member Kangin, who is pictured above getting some from his sugar mama.

This photo is from a while back, because Kangin is now super fat, but anyway it went by unnoticed, until now that is.

We’re not exactly sure who the crazed lady is, but if one of you know, please do share.

Anyway, the after effects of this photograph should be fairly entertaining as the ELF target anything that gets within 5 feet of Super Junior, besides Shin Dong of course. Because, well, everything is within 5 feet of Porky.

Thanks to Aylisan for the tip!

Super Junior Kangin K-Pop Korean Music

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Super Junior’s Yesung is a Super Coward

August 22, 2008 at 4:09 pm (Super Junior) ()

Super Junior’s jotbap member, Yesung confessed that he was a coward in front of his crush, Moon Geun Young during Choi Hwa Jung’s “Weak Power Time” radio show. Despite the fact that he had always been infatuated with Korea’s little sister, Yesung failed to impress her when he met her at the premiere of the movie “M’s” a couple months ago.

According to Yesung, he couldn’t approach her when he spotted her because there were too many people around. When he saw her for the second time in the parking lot, he was interrupted by his fan who yelled “Moon Geun Young, look at Yesung…”

This Super Coward needs to grow some balls…what is he afraid of? Afraid that’s he going to get rejected? Well he’s in Super Junior, that automatically makes him a reject (ELF = Everlasting Loser Fanclub).

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Super Junior Kim Heechul Says He’s Saving His First Kiss…. OMG

August 20, 2008 at 5:31 am (Super Junior) (, , , , )



Super Junior’s HeeChul is making a news over kissing. Kim HeeChul revealed on his radio show, “To be Kangin and Heechul,” that he was supposed to have a kissing scene for the Xanadu TV advertisement he was filming. The director told him to pucker up but he declined and said, “I’m saving my first kiss for my future wife.”

Fans are quick to point out that he kissed many actresses, and that he kissed his girlfriend in Golden Bride almost every episode.

Some ELF are suggesting that the “actress bitch” must’ve been ugly and there is no way he would kiss such a beast. Some other ELF fans are saying: “yeah that’s right, you better not kiss another girl (she would be dead meat) and you better save your first kiss for me!” OK, I made this last part up but you know those psycho’s are thinking that way. For Super Junior it’s “Only 13”, for kissing it’s “Only 1 (me) or your dead.”

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Super Junior – Happy with not so Happy news…

August 19, 2008 at 5:13 am (Super Junior) (, , )

SuJu - Happy

SuJu - Happy

Yesung of Super Junior Happy injured his back last Friday during the Music Bank Rehearsals. He tripped on a Power Cord and fell from the stage, he was sent immediately to the Hospital. The rest of the boys continued the performance like the troopers they are, check out the vid. My favourite of the lot is Ms. Patty (total lol soyboy!).
Let’s all pray he will be well soon….. T_T

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Super Junior at SMTOWN ’08 concert Seoul

August 19, 2008 at 12:07 am (Super Junior) (, , , , )

All 13 members of Super Junior come on stage at the SMTOWN ‘08 concert in Seoul. E.L.F.s were over-joyed to see all of them on the stage together…goofing around, singing, dancing and even kissing! What? Who kissed who? What kind of goofing around?

Read on to find out…

At one point in the SMTOWN concert, there was a dance battle. Those who participated in the battle? Yunho & Junsu, EunHyuk & HanKyung, DongHae & ShinDong, Taemin, Stephanie & Hyo Yeon.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
SuJu’s Shin Dong attempts to look like sexy Lee Hyori

When it was Shin Dong’s turn, he came dressed as Lee Hyori and danced to Hyori’s “U Go Girl”. The audience were thoroughly thrilled and laughed ‘till their sides ache. (I’ll bet).

A lot happened at the SMTOWN concert that evening & night. I don’t know exactly what…Super Junior celebrated some birthdays. They sang and danced for fans, and what seems to be a highlight (besides Shin Dong performing U Go Girl) is when HeeChul kissed Sungmin. What gives? Fans? Why is Hee Chul kissing Sungmin? I didn’t see this in Newsen or on Popseoul!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sheenanigans on stage : Heechul (vocals) kisses Sungmin (guitar)
while a surprised Siwon (drums) looks on.

What was Heechul singing about?

Here’s more man to man smooching pics.

* Kiss * Kiss *

Super Junior performing Happy in their colourful t-shirts

Check out Shin Dong’s “apple” hairstyle

Eeteuk scratches himself

A grumpy Kangin in his happy shirt

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DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee and BoA Blast Off SM Town 2008

August 18, 2008 at 11:48 pm (Super Junior) (, , , , )

SM Town Super Junior

SM Town Super Junior

More than 45,000 fans packed into the Jamsil Stadium in Seoul today to watch SM Entertainment’s favorite stars perform for the SM Town 08 Concert. DBSK / TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation / SNSD, BoA, SHINee, and others performed for more than 5 hours. With such a star studded lineup, this concert showed why SM Entertainment is number one in Korea.

Each artist(s) performed multiple sets for the fans. SHINee performed the new single from their upcoming album titled “You’re like Oxygen.” Fortunately, no one fell or slipped during their performance. Girls’ Generation was actually cheered, which isn’t surprising since it’s an SM concert. DBSK / TVXQ sported new haircuts as they get ready to release their new Korean album. BoA finally returned to Korea after a long stint in Japan, and Super Junior Happy performed their pajama song. The Concert even had special side shows such as a dance contest between the SM artists (with reports that Taemin ripped off his shirt).

SM Entertainment will also hold SM Town 08 concerts in Bangkok, Beijing, and Shanghai in the near future…

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Super Junior Super Ki Bum Deny The Rumor About leaving The Super Band

August 18, 2008 at 12:16 pm (Super Junior) (, )

Super Junior Kibum deny the rumor about leaving Super Junior
Saturday, August 16, 2008 Korea


This is an online news link >>HERE<<

some roughly translate. here it is>>

There a rumor that Super Junior Kibum will leave his band “Super Junior” before their 3rd Album, in order to do his own acting career. The reason that make fan belive this rumor because of his drama shooting schedule is always collapse on band activity schedule. Also on the 2nd Album, he have the least line if compare with other 12 members.

After the spreding of this rumor, Kibum himself now feel awkwarding. He speak out to clear this misunderstanding that he’d never think about leaving his friends and his band. The acting career is a chance that he must catching up but he also try to cover both singing career and acting one.

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Super Junior Join The Internationals Stars at MAA 2008..

August 18, 2008 at 10:11 am (Super Junior) (, )

Super Junior has been invited to perform at the music festival “that reaches beyond Asia’s borders,” the “MTV Asia Awards 2008.”

According to MTV Korea, Super Junior (Korea), singer-songwriter Leona Lewis (England), alternative band One Republic (USA), are some of the performing artists at “MAA 2008”, to be held in Malaysia on August 02.

“Super Junior is the only group from Korea to be invited as part of the MAA’s performing artists,” said a representative of MTV Korea.

The artists are also nominees for several awards at the ceremony. Super Junior is a nominee for “Favorite Artist Korea”, Leona Lewis and One Republic are up for “Best New Artists”, and Panic! At the Disco will be competing for “Video Star”.

Super Junior has also been nominated for “Artist of Asia”, along with other familiar K-pop groups such as Big Bang, Wonder Girls and Girls’ Generation.

The MTV Asia Awards 2008 will be hosted by Jared Leto, an actor and member of the alternative rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, and Karen Mok, a Hong Kong singer/actress.

Source: KBS Global

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