Super Junior at SMTOWN ’08 concert Seoul

August 19, 2008 at 12:07 am (Super Junior) (, , , , )

All 13 members of Super Junior come on stage at the SMTOWN ‘08 concert in Seoul. E.L.F.s were over-joyed to see all of them on the stage together…goofing around, singing, dancing and even kissing! What? Who kissed who? What kind of goofing around?

Read on to find out…

At one point in the SMTOWN concert, there was a dance battle. Those who participated in the battle? Yunho & Junsu, EunHyuk & HanKyung, DongHae & ShinDong, Taemin, Stephanie & Hyo Yeon.

Image Hosted by
SuJu’s Shin Dong attempts to look like sexy Lee Hyori

When it was Shin Dong’s turn, he came dressed as Lee Hyori and danced to Hyori’s “U Go Girl”. The audience were thoroughly thrilled and laughed ‘till their sides ache. (I’ll bet).

A lot happened at the SMTOWN concert that evening & night. I don’t know exactly what…Super Junior celebrated some birthdays. They sang and danced for fans, and what seems to be a highlight (besides Shin Dong performing U Go Girl) is when HeeChul kissed Sungmin. What gives? Fans? Why is Hee Chul kissing Sungmin? I didn’t see this in Newsen or on Popseoul!

Image Hosted by
Sheenanigans on stage : Heechul (vocals) kisses Sungmin (guitar)
while a surprised Siwon (drums) looks on.

What was Heechul singing about?

Here’s more man to man smooching pics.

* Kiss * Kiss *

Super Junior performing Happy in their colourful t-shirts

Check out Shin Dong’s “apple” hairstyle

Eeteuk scratches himself

A grumpy Kangin in his happy shirt


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  1. sayujya said,

    si won looks cute.Isn’t he?I like him a lot.

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