Super Junior’s Yesung is a Super Coward

August 22, 2008 at 4:09 pm (Super Junior) ()

Super Junior’s jotbap member, Yesung confessed that he was a coward in front of his crush, Moon Geun Young during Choi Hwa Jung’s “Weak Power Time” radio show. Despite the fact that he had always been infatuated with Korea’s little sister, Yesung failed to impress her when he met her at the premiere of the movie “M’s” a couple months ago.

According to Yesung, he couldn’t approach her when he spotted her because there were too many people around. When he saw her for the second time in the parking lot, he was interrupted by his fan who yelled “Moon Geun Young, look at Yesung…”

This Super Coward needs to grow some balls…what is he afraid of? Afraid that’s he going to get rejected? Well he’s in Super Junior, that automatically makes him a reject (ELF = Everlasting Loser Fanclub).


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