Super Junior Kim Heechul Says He’s Saving His First Kiss…. OMG

August 20, 2008 at 5:31 am (Super Junior) (, , , , )



Super Junior’s HeeChul is making a news over kissing. Kim HeeChul revealed on his radio show, “To be Kangin and Heechul,” that he was supposed to have a kissing scene for the Xanadu TV advertisement he was filming. The director told him to pucker up but he declined and said, “I’m saving my first kiss for my future wife.”

Fans are quick to point out that he kissed many actresses, and that he kissed his girlfriend in Golden Bride almost every episode.

Some ELF are suggesting that the “actress bitch” must’ve been ugly and there is no way he would kiss such a beast. Some other ELF fans are saying: “yeah that’s right, you better not kiss another girl (she would be dead meat) and you better save your first kiss for me!” OK, I made this last part up but you know those psycho’s are thinking that way. For Super Junior it’s “Only 13”, for kissing it’s “Only 1 (me) or your dead.”


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